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Powerhouse Music Records founded in 2012 Los Angeles, California is a division of Powerhouse Bombshells Inc, founded by Marcela Barnica Olivar. Powerhouse Music Records specializes in Multimedia Entertainment Services in the nature of recording, producing, and post-production services in the field of music and video; music songwriting for non-advertising purposes.  

The Producers of the label are Remmy Palacios, Juan “Tiny” Colon, Salsa artist Nelson Ruiz and Yuyo MC The Wizard.
The first signed recording artist to the label is Remmy Palacio who is a former member of Nice and Wild who also just released a new Latin Pop Album in 2013. Powerhouse Music Records has upcoming projects with 80's Dance DIVA Legends; Alyssa Jordan, Lisa Lisa, and Shannon..  Some more historical facts of Powerhouse Music Records is the face of the label, (Golden Globe's winner) Gina Rodriguez's beautiful self in Remmy Palacio's Music Video "Yo te Amare"... 

Powerhouse Music Records is also excited to announce our addition to our Powerhouse Team, R&B Sensations Nu Flavor!  Other unreleased Legendary Artists whom are a part of the Powerhouse Team are Hip Hop Legends Planet Patrol & Freestyle Artist Johnny O!

If you're an aspiring Artist who in search of a Powerhouse Label to propel to where you want to be, then Powerhouse Music Records is your home to be!  We look forward to hearing about your talent and we look forward to having you a part of our team!

Contact information:
Powerhouse Music Records
E-mail: powerhousemusicrecords2012@gmail.com

Marcela Barnica Olivar
E-mail: powerhousebombshells@live.com
Telephone: (626) 774-6165

FB Fan Page: www.facebook.com/powerhousemusicrecords

1st Video to Right: One of our Music Artists, Marla G's Newest Single: "Party Over Here"! Executive Producer Marcela Olivar, Label: Powerhouse Music Records

2nd Video to Right, One of our Producers Remmy Palacio's "Yo Te Amare" with Golden Globe Winner, Gina Rodriguez in the video.